Dog Tales

Felt Like Spring

I played in the backyard for a few hours today.  Mom said it felt like spring and we should be outside.  She wants me to learn to explore and be outside by myself.

I walked all around the yard smelling.  Lots of places for me to smell.  There are squirrels in the backyard and I love to chase them.  One really fat one was on the big tree trunk and I ran around the tree until it climbed high.  After a while it came down and I was waiting.  I chased it and almost got it’s tail!  It climbed up the fence to safety.

After all that I laid on the bench next to mom to rest.  Then it was time to wander and smell some more.  What’s that noise?  I looked up and another squirrel was running along the top of the fence.  I ran along the fence but the squirrel jumped onto a tree branch and got away.  Maybe next time I’ll catch it!

Until next time….

~ Madison


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