Dog Tales

Pet Portraits

Well, it was just as I thought.  Mom didn’t let me tag along when she went to photograph Lily and Weegie.  She even took some of my treats with her to give them!  Guess I need to get use to her taking pet portraits of other dogs for their mom and dads.  She still loves me more, so I decided to share some of her photos.  They are fellow dachshunds after all.


Lily stealing the treats


Mom said Lily was more interested in swimming in the lake and eating my treats.  She said Lily even tried to take off with all of the treats!


Lily swimming
Lily swimming









Weegie, Mr. Happy Go Lucky
Weegie, Mr. Happy Go Lucky

Weegie was Mr. Happy Go Lucky, so my mom said.








And mom said next time she’s going to take a squeaky toy. What? I hope she doesn’t take my lammy.

Mom doesn’t know it, but I snuck a photo of me in!  She is pretty good at taking pet portraits, don’t you think?

Madison, The Dainty Dachshund
Madison, The Dainty Dachshund

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