Beautiful Light For A Portrait

We had just come home after a walk to the park.  I love to walk fast and then chase squirrels when we get to the park.  By the time we get home I’m wiped out.  Mom wanted to take a portrait of me as she said it was beautiful light for a portrait.  I had other intentions, a nap!  She kept trying to get me to sit up, but I just kept laying down and rolling over for a belly rub.  I’m still cute, so mom took a photo of me anyway in the beautiful light.

Beautiful light for a portrait, but, Madison, The Dainty Dachshund, had other intentions

6 thoughts on “Beautiful Light For A Portrait

    1. Thank you! She is my new friend and as usual, being spoiled! Tomorrow I will be taking her with me to help transport a dachshund that came into rescue a couple of day ago to get to his foster home. I also had the opportunity to help transport him to get into rescue.

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