Dog Tales

What Happened To Mouse?

I really did like Mouse, he was my favorite toy.  I picked him out the first night at my new home.  The next day I played all day with Mouse and took him everywhere.  Such a great squeaker and I just wanted to find it.  Every day I was playing with Mouse and looking for that squeaker.  He was my security when I first came to my new home.  But then one day, uh oh, what happened to mouse?  And all the stuffing?  But that squeaker was still working.  My mom thought she was going to get rid of Mouse.  Can you imagine getting rid of my favorite toy?



Then my fabulous great-aunt who just loves to come play with me, said she would fix Mouse.  She bought me a new toy, Lammy, to play with while she fixed Mouse.  Guess what, Lammy has a squeaker too!



So now Mouse is fixed.  He doesn’t have any eyes, but he is fat again and still has that squeaker, but I’d rather play with Lammy or Hedge Hog that my mom bought for me.  What happened to Mouse?  Well, I’m fickle dainty dachshund and have moved on to a new toy.


2 thoughts on “What Happened To Mouse?

  1. Poor Mouse! The squeaky balls that I get for Mister B and Maddie never last more than a couple of weeks (even less), and the first thing to go is the squeak, much to my husbands relief. I should just buy a whole stash of them.

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