Dog Tales

Sniffing Flowers

Madison sitting pretty among the lilliput zinnias
Madison sitting pretty among the Lilliput Zinnias

There has been so much to explore in my new backyard.  So many new smells, flowers to walk through, flowers growing up the fence.  My mom being a nature photographer loves flowers.  After several attempts she got me to sit still long enough to make a photo of her two favorite subjects. ME and flowers.  She likes how my collar matched her flowers.  She hoped to catch me sniffing flowers in a photo.

Back to the fence, it keeps me safe kind of like a giant kennel.  Being able to stay in the backyard and explore without a leash is new to me.  I like to follow my mom everywhere and when she goes inside I follow.  She keeps trying to convince me it would be more fun to play outside and chase the squirrels.  Sniffing flowers will come to an end soon, or so I hear mom saying.  Maybe by spring or summer I’ll be brave enough to explore the yard sniffing flowers by myself.


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