Dog Tales

Sightseeing and Helping Transport

I had another busy week with my mom.  First she took me to Geode State Park so she could see more fall color and check out the lake.  She thought I was going to jump off the dock into the lake.  That scared her.

Madison at Geode State Park


Then on Saturday I got to help transport Sammy, a rescue dog, to his foster home.  I was in the backseat with my harness attached to the seatbelt.  It was cold that morning so mom put my shirt on and brought one of my blankets.  Sammy was all the way in the back in his crate to keep him safe.  Sammy was scared as his people had given him up and he didn’t know where he was or where he was going.  He was quiet the whole time though.  He was rescued by Midwest Dachshund Rescue, the same organization that took me in.  My mom helps transport dogs to their foster homes for them.  That’s how she knew about me, although she didn’t help transport me to my foster home.  I hope Sammy finds a great home with someone to love him like I did.  After we transferred Sammy to the next driver, you see several people help drive the rescue dogs so that no one has to drive too far, mom wanted to do more sightseeing.

Sammy, rescue dog, being transported to his foster home









Madison curious about what was over the edge at Pine Creek Gristmill.

So we stopped at Wildcat Den State Park as she wanted to see Pine Creek Grist Mill.  I was curious about what was over the edge and mom got scared I was going to go over and get hurt.  She thinks I’m a bit of a daredevil.  So she made me sit away from the edge and then of course wanted to take a photo of me.

Madison at Wildcat Den State Park and Pine Creek Gristmill












And one final stop, the swinging bridge at Columbus Junction.  I didn’t like this foot bridge with all the swaying back and forth, it was scary.  Lots of people were there and that made it move even more.  Mom took more photos of me, and even one of us together!

Madison on the swinging bridge at Columbus Junction, Iowa


Madison and her mom at the swinging bridge in Columbus Junction, Iowa





















On Sunday we scouted some sights as she is going to take some photos of some other dachshunds next weekend.  I probably won’t get to go with her.  And we had to stop at another swinging bridge.  This time at Oakland Mills State Park near where we live.  At least this one didn’t move around as much.  What a busy weekend helping transport a rescue dog, going to Wildcat Den State Park, the swinging bridge at Columbus Junction and then Oakland Mills State Park.  Whew, so much sightseeing and in one weekend!  My mom keeps saying she wants me to learn how to be a traveling dog and go everywhere with her and dad.  I think I hit the jackpot being adopted by my parents!

Madison at Oakland Mills State Park on the swinging bridge





Madison at Oakland Mills State Park on the swinging bridge