Dog Tales

Madison – How I Was Adopted

Hi everyone!  I’m Madison, The Dainty Dachshund, welcome to my blog! I ended up in rescue as my previous mom no longer had time for me, even though I had been with her since I was a puppy.  She couldn’t afford for me to go to the vet.  Just over a week ago I was adopted by a great couple in Iowa.  They drove a long way to get me as I was at a foster home in NW Indiana.  Can you believe they drove that far for me?  I am 11 years old, and they picked me!

I was a typical dachshund when they walked into my foster mom’s home and barked a lot.  New people are a bit scary for me sometimes as I have been through many changes in the last month.  They gave me so many treats I didn’t want any more my tummy was so full.  I calmed down a bit and let my new mom lay on the floor next to me and tell me about their house.  She said she had washed beds and toys for me and had the house ready.  Even a backyard with a fence so I can run around and chase squirrels and rabbits.  So then it was time to say good-bye to my foster mom and get in the car for a long drive to my new home.

I was trembling being in a car with new people and not knowing where we were going.  After a while I decided to just lay down and relax and enjoy the ride.  We stopped for a potty break and some drinks.  My new mom had this red collapsible bag and put water in it for me to drink.  I just turned my head as I had no idea what she was trying to give me.  Then she got her fingers wet and I licked them.  Hey, its water in that contraption, just for me.  A couple of hours later and we were at my new home.

On the way to my new home - Madison, The Dainty Dachshund
On my way to my new home – Madison, The Dainty Dachshund


We went inside and I gave myself a tour.  I walked through the house and peered into each room from the doorway.  Then my new mom showed me all the toys they had for me.  Plush toys, squeaky toys, balls and bones!  Wow, all for me!  I picked out the smallest plush toy, a mouse with a great squeaker.  Then my new mom showed me the big bed in the living room.


Madison, The Dainty Dachshund and mouse
Madison, The Dainty Dachshund and mouse


They took me outside to check out the backyard and to let me do my business.  It was dark out and hard to see everything.  So back inside we went and my new mom lay on the floor to play with me and I gave her a big kiss on the nose.  She was so happy!  After we played for a while it was time to go to bed.  I wanted to sleep in the huge bed with my new parents, but they said no.  I tried jumping up on the bed and my new mom got really scared.  So instead of sleeping in my own bed, I sleep in my kennel to keep me from hurting myself.  And the kennel is right next to their bed so it’s not horrible.  My new mom put lots of blankets in the kennel so it is soft and I can burrow.  Plus, I get to take as many toys to bed with me as I want!

So there you have it, that’s how I, Madison, The Dainty Dachshund, was adopted!