Dog Tales

One More Thing to Steal, Maybe Two

Hmm, what is this blog “Madison The Dainty Dachshund”?  I like to steal her bones, toys and her bed, think I’ll steal this too!  At least just once before I go to my forever family.  What’s that go to my forever family you ask?  This is Foster Guinness from Midwest Dachshund Rescue!

I came to stay with Madison on June 1st, her 13th birthday.  She wasn’t too happy about my coming to her home.  It didn’t take long for me to learn she is the boss.  But being just 5 months old then, I liked to bug her and still do.  Isn’t that what younger siblings are supposed to do?

My foster mom was surprised how big I was when she met me.  She said I need to grow into my ears and was cute as a button.  She loved my super white teeth too!

The first night my foster mom slept on the sofa and I was in my crate right next to her.  I cried and she kept trying to comfort me as this was all new to me.  I was okay after that.

The first couple days were the weekend and foster mom was home all day.  She said I needed to learn not to run around in circles and jump all over the place when it was time to eat.  I already knew how to sit so she showed me where to sit and told me to wait.  She would put her hand on my chest to hold me back.  Once I looked away from my food bowl and at her she would say okay and let me eat.  She said I was super smart cause I learned this so fast.  Then she taught me to not be grabby when getting treats.  Again, I had to sit and she would say “easy”.  If I tried to grab the treat she would pull her hand away.  She kept doing this until I took treats gently from her fingers.

I hadn’t learned to do “my business” outside all the time so both foster mom and dad worked with getting me on a schedule.  Basically I needed to follow my foster sister Madison and do what she did.

Madison has a fenced in backyard and I learned to explore with her.  Foster mom says I would stay outside all the time if she let me.  Well who doesn’t want to be outside exploring?  So many things for me to discover, everything is new for me.  It’s my first summer to discover all the great things summer has, like foster mom’s strawberry patch and raspberry bush!  Oh, how I love strawberries and raspberries!

I went for a wellness check at Madison’s vet and weighted 8 lbs. 4 oz.  The vet said I was super smart too.  The staff thought I was super cute and full of energy.  Then a few days later they had an open house at the vet clinic.  I thought it was a party for me!  Lots of new people to meet and all sizes of dogs.  I met everyone and liked all the dogs, even the big ones.

I have long ears and they flop back.  Foster mom puts them back and says they need to be at factory settings.  I also have a long nose and a bit of a roman nose.  Does that make me look more like a European dachshund?

I liked to drag the rug from the bathroom into the living room.  I was told I couldn’t redecorate!

Foster mom took Madison and I for a walk one night and she was surprised how well I walked on a leash.  And boy is it hard to keep up with Madison, she’s a fast walker!

On another night it was just me and foster mom.  It was kind of dark and there was something flashing and then it would flash in another spot.  I couldn’t figure it out and foster mom giggled.  She knew I hadn’t seen lightning bugs before and thought it was funny how I was trying to find this thing flashing everywhere.

Being a young guy everything is play to me.  I had to learn “no bite” because my puppy teeth are sharp.  I love squeaky toys and Nyla bones.  There are lots of toys and bones for me to chew on to keep me out of trouble.  Foster mom even bought me a ball that squeaks!

Madison has taught me a few things too, like chasing those pesky squirrels and the rabbits that get in the yard under the fence.  I like to chase birds and butterflies too.  The backyard has so much to see and learn why wouldn’t I want to stay outside?

I had a growth spurt and grew out of the harness I was given when first coming into rescue, so foster mom took me shopping.  She found me a stylish teal and gray collar and a matching teal padded harness with reflective stars.  She said I looked like a big boy.

After being here a few weeks foster mom said I needed to have a portrait session.  What is that?  She held some big black thing up to her face and kept calling my name and making strange noises with her fingers to make me look at her.  I thought she was playing and I wanted to run around the yard, not sit still.  Then foster mom let me eat some of her raspberries right off the bush.

Madison didn’t like me at first, but she’s gotten use to me.  She might even miss me a bit.  Sometimes we lay on the bed together or the sofa and chew on bones.  I always want the bone she is chewing on even when mine is the same.

I love to chew on Nyla bones and sometimes I carry them around and foster mom and dad say I look like I have a stogie in my mouth.

So now I weigh at least 10 lbs. 13 oz., probably more, that was a few weeks ago.  Foster mom says she wishes she had measured how long I was when I first came.  You see I’m a long and lean doxie and still rather short legs.  I’m longer than Madison and weigh more than her too.  She is “Madison, The Dainty Dachshund” after all.

I have learned to wait for my food not grab treats, don’t play bite as much except when I get super excited and I do my business outside!

Foster mom says my forever family is coming soon and her job is done.  I hear her say in her heart she wants to keep me forever, but knows I need a young furry sibling to play with me.  Foster mom takes me for walks with Madison, plays with me, will hold and cuddle me and give me kisses just like she does with Madison.

So I’m going to steal one last thing, a piece of foster mom’s heart and take it with me.

Puppy kisses,